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A few facts about Poland

Poland is the country in the middle Europe stretching from the Baltic Sea in the North up to the Tatra Mountains in the South. These mountains are the highest mountain range in the Carpatians in the South. The total surface if Poland is 312679 sq metres, which places our country on the 70th place in the world and on the 9th place in Europe. Poland’s population consists of 38,5 million people (in 2014), which gives us the 34th place in the world and the 6th place in the European Union.

In the west Poland borders on Germany, in the south on the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in the east on Ukraine and Belarus, in the north-east on Lithuania and in the north on Russia (the administration zone called the Kaliningrad District). The Baltic Sea coast makes most of Poland’s northern border. Our neighbours across the Baltic Sea are Denmark and Sweden. (more…)

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Poland is beautiful

I have been thinking for a long time about the subject of this first post, but once I have seen this film, I knew that it is the perfect debut for our blog.
Poland is beautiful. No doubt, everyone will agree with it after watching this movie. Places which have been shown in this film, including some picturesque parts of Poland are: The Lake Solińskie i The Połonina Wetlińska in Bieszczady, The Słowiński National Park, The Old Town in Gdańsk, The Białka Tatrzańska, The Wisłoka Gorge in Rymanów, The Artificial Lake in Krasnobród and Rzeszów. You are all welcome to admire our beautiful country. I would also like to let you know that this movie has been released by The Bogaczewicz Advertisement Agency. (more…)

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Stitched Panorama

Your guide through Poland’s finest

The Premium Poland is the guide blog about the most beautiful and interesting places in Poland.
This is the set of helpful tips and information about travelling across Poland, visiting beautiful and interesting places, as well as planning the entertainment and ways of spending your free time.
The target of the Premium Poland is promoting Poland as an extraordinary, beautiful country which offers a lot of possibilities of vacations, giving you the guarantee of the greatest satisfaction.

Photo by Bosyantek

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